What are the mysteries of motorcycle engines?

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When the top of the motorcycle spark plug is scarred or damaged, the electrode is melted or ablated, it indicates that the spark plug has been destroyed and the spark plug should be replaced.Check the symptoms of spark plug ablation and color changes during the replacement process, and determine how to solve the problem from spark plugs, electrodes and insulators:

Phenomenon 1: Oily deposits on motorcycle spark plugs

Solution: Indicates that the lubricant has entered the combustion chamber. If there are oily deposits on individual spark plugs, it is caused by damage to the valve stem oil seal. However, the spark plugs of the respective cylinders are stuck with deposits, and the cylinders are oily.

Phenomenon 2: Black deposits on motorcycle spark plugs

Solution: The spark plug electrode and the inside have black deposits, indicating that the mixed gas in the cylinder is too rich. It is possible to increase the engine speed for a few minutes and burn off a layer of black soot left on the electrode.

Phenomenon 3: There are deposits on motorcycle spark plugs

Deposits sometimes adhere to the top of the spark plug insulator and between the electrodes. After cleaning the spark plug, the vehicle can be temporarily operated normally. The presence of deposits in the spark plug is only a surface phenomenon, which may be a sign of a problem with other mechanical parts of the vehicle.



Phenomenon 4: Motorcycle electrode melts and insulator is white

Solution: This phenomenon indicates that the temperature inside the combustion chamber is too high. This may be due to excessive carbon deposits in the combustion chamber, resulting in too small a valve clearance.

Further causing the exhaust valve to overheat or the cooling device malfunctioning. When the spark plug is not tightened according to the specified torque, the electrode will also melt and the insulator will appear white.

Phenomenon 5: Motorcycle electrode is rounded and the insulator is scarred

Solution: This indicates that the engine is pre-ignited, which may be caused by the ignition time being too early or the gasoline octane number is too low, and the spark plug heat value is too high.

Phenomenon 6: The top of the motorcycle insulator is broken

Solution: Detonation combustion is the main cause of insulator breakdown. The ignition time is too early, the gasoline octane number is low, and the temperature in the combustion chamber is too high, which may cause the engine to knock and burn.