Heated Grips Solution

Time : Nov 02, 2022 View : 138

As an important means of transportation, motorcycles have been rapidly popularized around the world since they were invented at the end of the 19th century, and are widely used in all aspects of life.


For cyclists in most countries, they experience spring, summer, autumn and winter. Yet winter is the most uncomfortable and dangerous period. Whether you are a novice or a thrill-seeking professional rider, in special weather like winter, you must pay more attention to keeping warm while riding a motorcycle. Cycling clothing, helmets, shoes and boots are all essential.


Heated handlebars are one of the products that keep you warm when riding in winter. It has dual throttle cables and a 2.2cm inner diameter to fit most motorcycles. On the side is a port that accepts original or modified handlebar plugs.


It has a temperature zone design, the switch is closed at the OFF (-) position, the highest gear is at the H (+) position, the maximum temperature can reach 70 degrees, and the heat transfer layer is extremely thin, so the temperature rises extremely quickly. Provides you with warmth in the shortest possible time, adding comfort and safety to your ride.


The modified product adopts a silicone integrated molding process, which is efficient and energy-saving. Beautiful appearance design, comfortable to hold, and the surface frosted texture can effectively prevent slipping. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about quality issues. Because the product has quality certification, waterproof and dustproof, long service life.


What you need most when riding a motorcycle in winter is to pay attention to safety, protect your key parts, ensure your eyesight, and prepare in advance. In any case, life safety is the most important thing.