ODM/OEM Solution

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In industrial society, OEM and ODM are commonplace. Because of the consideration of manufacturing cost, transportation convenience, and saving development time, many well-known brand enterprises are generally willing to find other manufacturers to OEM or ODM. If you are looking for a good partner to OEM or ODM motorcycle spare parts and accessories, we will not let you down.


1. We, Hangzhou Riji Technology Co., Ltd., have focused on the relevant field for 20 years. Work the spare parts and accessories for motorcycle, scooter, ATV/TUV and tricycle auto car. And our customers are from America, Asia, Europe and Africa, almost every place that need motorcycle a lot.


2. We have already passed the ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System certificate. A strict management and quality inspection system are build to strengthen the management specification of entrusted processing, complete the entrusted processing operation process, clarify the responsibilities of relevant departments, ensure the quality and safety of the entrusted processing products, and ensure that the entrusted products meet the specified requirements. 


3. Established our own brand MTOSIR, and have our own agents in Brazil, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. In the past two years, our brand MTOSIR has entered a period of rapid development after the promotion period, and will be introduced to many more countries in the future.


4. With our own workshop and warehouse, huge output and storage space can fully meet the various requirements of various customers about the lead time.


5. Years of experience, high-quality service, and cost-effective products have allowed us to gain the trust of many customers. Therefore, our company has always regarded meeting customer requirements as the primary task, and do our best to solve customers’ problems and meet their needs.


If you have related needs about OEM/ODM, please contact us, I believe we can become good partners in the future and will definitely achieve each other.


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