Analyzing spark plug from four aspects

Time : Sep 06, 2022 View : 1,225

1. Function

    The main function of the spark plug is to ignite. The electrode of the spark plug generates high-voltage electricity to form an electric spark, which ignites the mixed gas in the engine cylinder, explodes and burns, so as to push the piston to move and the engine to run. Only then can the motorcycle drive on the road.


2. Parts

    The main parts of spark plug are insulator, housing, terminal and electrode. Among them the insulator must have good insulation and thermal conductivity, high mechanical strength as well as withstanding high temperature thermal shock and chemical corrosion. The material is usually industrial ceramics, and the housing is a metal part which can fix the spark plug on the cylinder head.


3. Electrode

    The spark plug electrode includes a center electrode and a side electrode with a spark gap therebetween. The size of the gap directly affects the starting, power, working stability and economy of the whole engine. Reasonable clearance is related to ignition voltage. Significantly, the electrode material must have good electrical, corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity.


4. Classification

    Common spark plugs include nickel alloy spark plugs, platinum spark plugs and iridium spark plugs. Generally speaking, the ignition performance of precious metal spark plugs is much better than that of ordinary nickel alloys, which can achieve the best power of the motorcycle.




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