2022 China Motorcycle riders Xinjiang cycling tour, 12 days 2300km

Time : Sep 02, 2022 View : 942

    “Traveling by car in China” is a large-scale motorcycle tour event held by Changjiang in response to the needs of riders. Now, several events have been held. Relying on the huge dealer system and complete logistics of Changjiang, the long-distance motorcycle tour has become more relaxed and comfortable. This is also an important reason why Changjiang riders support “traveling by car in China”. More than a year has passed since the last Yangtze River 750 sidecar tour in China. The new motorcycle tour plan has been launched on July 2022, and the destination is Xinjiang this time, the ultimate goal of all motorcycle tourists.


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    Xinjiang tour is an exciting,memorable and grand event that attracts riders from all of the country come to attend,not only  its 2300 kilometer and 12-day’s journey, but the marvelous scenery of Xinjiang along the way.Relative events in other places will also on the schedule,and MTOSIR will keep track of the latest news at the appointed time.If you are interested in,welcome to contact and communicate with us!