Motorcycle is expected to add voice control system in the future

Time : Oct 20, 2022 View : 258

    Recently, it was learned that Chunfeng Power will add a conversational AI interactive system to its motorcycles and all terrain vehicles for voice navigation and system control during driving. The partner of this technology is Cerence Inc.

    Compared with automobile users, motorcycle users need to operate important functions, such as navigation in a way that frees their hands when driving. At present, most of the communication and function control (only limited to the Bluetooth headset itself) are realized by installing Bluetooth headphones on helmets. However, the pain point functions such as navigation control and vehicle information adjustment cannot be realized through voice control, and they still need to stop the vehicle to operate.

    Chunfeng Power will cooperate with Cerence to design voice navigation for two-wheel vehicles, and achieve system control and diagnosis through voice. The technologies used include voice recognition, natural language understanding, and TTS in both Chinese and English. Among them, the advanced voice signal enhancement technology of Cerence ensures that the system is not affected by road noise and can always receive clear voice commands from cyclists.

    This new technical cooperation will not only greatly enhance the future development of motorcycles, but also may successfully attract more consumers all over the world.





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